And now for something completely green

It’s photosynthesis time folks, just what you’ve been waiting for over those long summer weeks. It’s not really that bad, a couple of biochemical pathways, chemicals you’re already familiar with and a bit of our old favourite energy.

Since we’ve been through respiration, you should now be getting familiar with the concept of energy being transferred, or passed from one thing to another (like with the electrons and coenzymes¬†along the ETC in the cristae). You could view organisms with the underlying idea that they are all about getting usable energy, that is transferring energy from a source to a form that can be useful to the organism. Remember that energy is used by the organism to do work – muscle movement, making new molecules, thermal energy and so on. Photosynthesis fits into this idea; we will see how the underlying process involves energy transfer.

why are plants green and not black?

Can animals photosynthesise?


Author: Mr Whellan's science

Nomadic science teacher

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