Question generator for spaced recall (Biology but can be adapted)

4 question generator

6 question generator recent

6 Question generator recent

How to use:

  1. Open all three documents, the two PowerPoints and the Excel.
  2. Save the documents somewhere, making sure that the Excel is saved as “6 Question generator recent” and not as “Copy of 6…”, otherwise the PowerPoint files will not know where to look for questions.
  3. On the spreadsheet, the first tab is simply a list of questions, 6 from every page of the AQA textbook. They are numbered down the side and according to the unit and double spread number. This can be changed of course of you want.
  4. ¬†Choose a starting question number e.g. between 1 and 594. On the next tab (it says ‘4’ on the bottom) put the question number of your choice in the box at the top (it’s actually cell B1).
  5. The rows across the top will then select another 3 questions for you, using formulae that you can adjust to taste. The formulae can be changed if you like, they are all in G1,H1 and I1. The numbers in G2,H2 and I2 simply represent your question and the three that came before it, if you just want to put up recent questions.
  6. The PowerPoints should update with your questions on the first slide and answers on the second. You might want to rename the PowerPoint files, but that’s up to you.

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